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Leather stock sale

It is 30 years that Marpel deals in leather market. It is one of the most important firms in Italy, an essential point in the leather import and export. In Italy leather manufacturing employs a big number of people; there are from little leather goods factories to leathering large industry, but also little and big shoe factories; the requests coming from these categories are different and at this point Marpel work becomes a key point; Marpel makes all effort to satisfy the different leather requests, in order to obtain a varied production. Important brands and not only applies to us, because we also propose leather stock sale. Leather stock sale is a kind of offers that we suggest, and our maximum slogan always remains the optimum quality-price relations. Leather stock sale is a sort of parcel where different types of leather (swine, bovine, ovine, caprine), useful in order to obtain a multiplicity of different products, are proposed. As a guarantee of leather stock sale there is our thirty-year experience and this is the reason that allows us to assure big yield. We don’t offer a secondary product, but diversified products. We take advantage in qualified collaborators and consulting and we do our best in order to find the best leather. Marpel deals in Italy, exactly in Tolentino placed in Marche region, a land where the leather usage finds its highest utilization. In Marche region there are many little artisan workshop, but also big industries; bags, luggage, shoes, accessories are created using our leathers, and this is the reason that allows us to satisfy promptly the continuous market solicitations, a market where it is of fundamental importance to keep up with the times. It is important that the usage of different types of leather and their initial manufacturing has to reflect the various use manners. Ask us information, informative brochures (booklets), we will put on our experience at your service, as to Marpel it is possible to ask everything related with the variegated leather world; leather import, leather export, leather stock sale, leather for shoes and so on.

Hides export

Since time immemorial, Italy boasts a tested agricultural activity, of which sheep-farming and bovine breeding, with the swine one, make up an export credit item. Quantity and leather variety of the produced leather that not only satisfies the huge internal request but also concur in the export. Leather export finds in Marpel its reference point, setting it as the first Italian firm in leather export. As well as export, it also makes leather import in order to guarantee raw materials multiplicity, such to satisfy all requests. Big firms refer to Marpel but also little workshop owners. Leathers offers from Marpel meet everybody requirements and also offer semi processed and leather stock. The firm maxim (slogan) is the optimum quality-price relations. Come to us in Tolentino, in Macerata district situated in Marche region, to discover the leather wide selection. It is also possible to contact us in order to receive an informative depliant. It isn’t a change that our office is in one of the Italian region with the highest shoe and leather goods production; this allows us to examine closely our leather usage, and we can promptly ask to changeful market requests. Our duty is to provide the right leather for every usage time; it is only through this leather export activity and in the same time leather import activity that we propose in keeping a so wide range of products. At the same time, we are a credit item in Italian export. We put our thirty year experience at your service.

Leather import

Marpel is the firm that deals in Italy, and is leader in leather import. Its office is in Marche region, exactly in Tolentino, a pleasant place that has made of leather manufacturing its strong hold. Our competence is tested and we satisfy the request both of the industry and little artisan firms. In addition to leather shoe sale we also deal in other leather sectors, thanks to the proposed leather quality and multiplicity. Our leather import activity is tested over more than 30 years; we are leather import and export leader in Italy. Import is our strong point, but we are also well organized in certain types of leather export. Leather export refers to raw materials multiplicity and variety; bovine leather import; ovine, swine, caprine, etc leather export. We also propose semi-processed leather import, in order to deal with great requests. In addition to be specialized in quality leather import, we also propose a leather stock sale, as a result of the articulated internal demand, cheapest requests. So we have at disposal leather for all type of manufacturing, with different costs. Italy is an undisputed leader in leather goods production, shoes; especially big quality products, even if, as a result of the worldwide crisis, the production has been placed side by side with medium quality products. So Marpel is placed in the Italian market as the indisputable industry in leather import, a really reference point for everybody who need leather; it is possible to receive a catalogue of products, or come to our office. Marpel remains at disposal for every need and requests, with the usual reliability and seriousness.

Shoe leather

Marpel is a firm completely Italian, specialized in leather trading and selling, and in particular in shoe leather. It is more than 30 years that Marpel deals in this sector, in a central Italian zone greatly industrialized: Tolentino. Tolentino is famous for being some important leather goods office; from here most of made in Italy depart. A high quality leathering where Marpel plays the fundamental role. It is possible to apply to Marpel in order to buy different origin leather; actually it is possible to find both Italian and foreign products, in order to realize different specific products. The dealt leather one of bovine, caprine, swine and ovine origin; raw materials for different usages. Shoe sector finds in our industry its match; the wide leather selection makes us a favored reference point for leather purchase. Made in Italy shoe leather where quality can be seen with one’s own eyes. We already deal with big mark of the zone and not only; come to us to see our leather goods at close quarters. Not only we guarantee the leather quality but also an advantageous price; we also propose in offering a leather stock sale. Marpel is leather import, leather export and above all leader in leather shoe. Not only we supply our leather to big shoes industry but also to shoe handicraftsman, in this way we are competitive both in big orders and in more contained ones. We do our best to follow the market trend, with the research of particular leather-price relations; to keep up with the times is our challenge and leather offer is our work. Shoe leather research takes more care, as they have to allow an easy manufacturing and be long-time. That’s why we have become the reference point both for Italy and foreign. So Marpel is synonymous of shoes leather, besides reliability and seriousness. Our shoe leather export is particularly orientated towards Spain, one of the emergent countries in shoes manufacturing, but also towards other countries. Our shoe leather offer, spaces also in semi-processed products according to personal need and it is possible to ask sample products. Our sample range is very wide and articulated, and in the event this is not satisfactory, we will try to find the leather that serves your purpose. Marpel waits for you in Tolentino, in Macerata district, in Marche region